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We have re-opened the Garden Nursery to the public.


Online Nursery Shop now open

During this Covid-19 Crisis, we hope that our service will help you keep active and safe.  Thank you for considering your business from Crag House Farm.

GARDEN Nursery

The Nursery is probably the first thing you will see when you enter the car park!

The Glasshouse is a very tall building bursting with light and colour from the plants so visible through the windows.The state of the art glasshouse is filled with stunning displays of houseplants along with a large selection of seasonal bedding plants, shrubs, conifers and trees in our outdoor sales area.

The Nursery is the newest of the social enterprises at Caring For Life. As with each business one of the main aims to be able offer those we care for real work experience but in a safe and loving environment.

John the manager, who is RHS qualified, has a wealth of gardening experience and will be available to give you good advice on caring for your products along with general gardening tips!

Seasonal PLANT offerings

- Lots of Spring Flowering Perennials and Bulbs now available

- Summer Flowering Plant bulbs - Now In £2.49 each or 3 for £5

- Lovely selection of houseplants including Orchids, Foliage, Succulents and Cactus

- Great range of bird food, feeders and houses

What's New!

A new year has arrived and a new season is coming fast. Winter is still upon us but there are so many glimpses of new life as the first daffodils and snowdrops lighten up the gardens. The strong winds and cold weather will keep many plants asleep for a while yet, but the plants that have been grown on, early in the Nurseries are now filling our sales tables, here at Crag House Farm.


The nurseries have had a revamp with many of the inside displays having a new look or changing completely. I love building new displays, and once the tables are full again with our fantastic range of foliage and flowering plants, they really come to life. Foliage plants like Ficus, Cheese plants and Umbrella plants are very popular right now and they make for a great plant for your home. Not only do they look great, they produce lots of oxygen too which helps to clean the air in your home or office. They don’t need lots of care like some of the flowering plants, so they are great for any of you plant novices, who are wanting to dip your toes in the water of plants and all things green.  Some of the plants we have aren’t even green, they come in a multitude of colours with purple being a very popular shade. Some calantheas look like they have had their leaves painted. You really must see them to believe them, they are truly very beautiful.

for your garden

Here are a few jobs to help you keep on top of your plants and gardens this season:


  • You can prune your roses back over the coming weeks to prepare them for the spring as they shoot.

  • Cut back perennial plants that have died back to tidy the beds to see if there are gaps that need filling.

  • You can divide any perennials now to spread them around the garden.

  • Sprinkle slow release fertilizer around roses and other shrubs before they start growing again.

  • Finish Winter pruning fruit trees and soft fruits.

  • Prepare any veg beds ready for sowing.

  • Plant bare-rooted fruit bushes, trees and canes if ground is soft enough.

  • Tidy up pots and other items lying around and remove any snails overwintering.

Thank you so much for your support and custom here. We really do value you all. If you love our plants, our range and who we are and what we do, please spread the word.  We really want to raise more money so we can help more at risk adults across Leeds and your support really makes a difference.

Trowels & Tribulations

There are so many prep jobs that need taking care of at this time of year, from cleaning to general maintanence, so the nurseries can kick into gear when the first plugs arrive to grow on, ready for sale and flower beautifuly for the season. The nurseries look bare for a while and then they quickly become green with new leaves, before the flowers come along and the nursery once again looks stunning with colours of all shapes and sizes. The flowers fill our world for a few precious months, filling borders, tubs and baskets all around the local area. We love the job of starting the plants off and giving them a good start. The better we do, then the better the plants will do in the gardens and planters of our customers. The plants are fed, watered and given the light and temperature they need to really get them going. They need good roots below the surface to really do well and sadly plants without that really struggle later on in life, even if they look great on the top when bought. I hope to grow as normal with nature in mind and we are constantly looking into ways we can do what we do in a more sustainable way. Once we have used up the growing compost we have in, we are going to be growing peat free. This is a challenge and will require constant monitoring, as the compost will react differently to peat compost in terms of moisture retention and the way the feed gets to the roots. It is a challenge but we need to start going away from peat use as an industry, so I felt now was the time for us here to make a start.

Lots of our plant pots that we are growing the bedding in this year will also be recyclable, which is something the industry has struggled to adapt to. I have managed to get a range at a good price, and look forward to changing the whole range of pots we grow with into recycled material as soon as I can.

These are exciting times but also challenging in the way we look after our planet. We are here to enjoy the beauty of the world around us but we also need to be responsible in the way we look after it too. I hope through what we are doing here in the Nurseries and the offering of plants we sell, will be a great range for you, the customer but also we will keep our eye on looking after our world in how we produce these wonderful plants.

If you want to know more about what we’re doing or have any questions about plants and how to look after them, please come in and see us.

I will be putting on some ‘drop in’ sessions over the coming months for any of you to bring in your struggling plants or your questions, and will help you out anyway I can.


Thank you so much for your support of the nurseries. We do what we do here for your enjoyment of the plants but also firstly to raise money to help Caring For Life.  Who in turn help more at risk adults across Leeds. Your support of the social enterprises here directly help CFL do what it does.

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