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shop online in the garden nursery

You can now shop online with the option to Click & Collect or have your order Delivered to you.

GARDEN Nursery

experience our

The Nursery is probably the first thing you will see when you enter the car park!

The Glasshouse is a very tall building bursting with light and colour from the plants so visible through the windows.The state of the art glasshouse is filled with stunning displays of houseplants along with a large selection of seasonal bedding plants, shrubs, conifers and trees in our outdoor sales area.

The Nursery is the newest of the social enterprises at Caring For Life. As with each business one of the main aims to be able offer those we care for real work experience but in a safe and loving environment.

John the manager, who is RHS qualified, has a wealth of gardening experience and will be available to give you good advice on caring for your products along with general gardening tips!

now available 

pet supplies

We now stock a great range of high quality pet food and other fabulous items for your Dogs, Cats and Garden Birds from only the best suppliers.

Next time you visit Crag House Farm, call into the Garden Nurseries where we have a great selection of pet food, treats, supplies and toys for your furry, four legged friends and a whole range of Tom Chambers feed and accessories to look after the birdlife in your garden.


take advantage of our

late summer plants & pots in stock

Our pack bedding plants including Violas, Pansies, Primroses and Wallflowers are now available for you to buy, so you can replace the plants that are beginning to struggle.  Plus a great selection of Camelias, Rhododendrons and Azaleas are now in stock.


We are currently showcasing a beautiful range of pots including the Wisteria Bees, William Morris and Heritage pots.


A constant supply of fresh houseplants and pots are arriving in the glasshouse.

Please ask if you can’t find something. We’re always happy to go hunting and find what you want.


To take away the hassle, we’ll also pot your basket, planter, trough or pot for you and let you know how to look after your plants to keep them happy for a long time.

Ask us to pot your basket, planter, trough or pot up for you!

What's New!

come and see

We have recently started stocking a range of really nice pots with bees on and the first batch sold in 6 days! They are now back in stock and look great with some of the beautiful plants we sell inside. I recently planted a Camelia in one for a customer and they were very happy with it.

The biggest addition to our Garden Nursery is the dog and cat products we have recently started stocking. From food and snacks to toys and beds, we stock a great amount.


We have a brand new range of Dog and Cat food and sundries including Coopers food which is grain free and provides a great range of food made with the highest quality ingredients.


Come and check it out and ask us if you’d like anything specific. We are always happy to help you all, and want to build a great range of pet products to add to what we started with. Remember, we still stock Tom Chambers bird care too which is always popular and is liked by our customers.


Times are bizarre but we are always looking for fresh ideas, plants, ranges and displays which will keep you, our customers, happy. We are so grateful for your custom and the Nursery wouldn’t be here without your amazing support.


Thank you.

for your garden

top tips

Here are a few jobs to help you keep on top of your plants and gardens this season:


  • Dead head the flowers in your baskets and pots to ensure they flower for longer.

  • Watch out for green fly on your roses and get on top of them before they take over. Getting on top of them early on is always the best way to control the bugs.

  • Make sure you water any freshly planted perennials and shrubs to help them settle in but also to help them have the energy they need to grow for you to enjoy.

  • Remember to feed your pots and baskets as they will use up any energy they got when they were planted within a few weeks of being planted. They can’t survive and thrive on water alone. Tomato feed is as good as any plant feed.

  • Check your houseplants are being watered and not in too much direct sun by the window if they don’t like it. The temperature and scorching can damage plants or even kill them if left in the window for too long.

I am so glad that gardens and the great outdoors have been such a blessing to so many during this season of hardship and I hope that starts a longterm passion for nature and the world around us.  Your garden and being outside is great therapy to help us all. If you want help with starting a garden project and don’t know where to start, come on in and don’t be afraid to ask any questions.  I am more than happy to help you develop your ideas and give you handy tips to make gardening both enjoyable and simple.


Every Blessing

Trowels & Tribulations

- John Woodruff

This has to be one of the hardest times we’ve had to go through in modern times with Covid 19 rearing its ugly head in our lives but it has not stopped Caring For Life doing its great and very vital work of supporting the vulnerable adults we have supported for over 30 years now. They need our help more than ever and for us here in the Garden Nursery to be able to provide much needed financial support at this time is vital to us as a charity, continuing to support and provide care for those we very much love.


We are so thankful that our customers have stayed with us through this horrible time by buying our products online and now coming back into our Nursery to buy plants and sundries. We love what we do and we are overwhelmed by how much we have been able to do through this time. We ended up growing less plants here in the nursery, but what we have grown, has sold so well and people have complimented us on how well the plants are still doing. We hope to build on this and supply great plants again next year.  So if you have bought from us this year, we would love to see you again next year.


Of course we sell great plants for the home and garden all year round along with tools, pots and the sundries you need to help keep your plants looking great, so come in anytime and see for yourself our great range.


We love helping our customers out with advise and also with our popular potting up service and health check which you can come and have done anytime.


You are a blessing to us and your support for us here at Crag House Farm is a much needed support to our charity Caring For Life. We want to do more and reach more ‘adults at risk’.  The success of our social enterprise is vital in helping the team support those in our care and reach lots more.


Thank you so much. We look forward to seeing you soon here at Crag House Farm.


© Caring For Life 2017, registered charity in the United Kingdom (1174982).

Registered office: Crag House Farm, Otley Old Road, Cookridge, Leeds LS16 7NH

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